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Medical Missions For Christ

Medical Missions for Christ is a non-profit organization founded for the promotion of healthcare and the sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor in the United States and the world.

Promoting Healthcare
MMC promotes healthcare through medical services and meeting people’s basic medical needs by providing clean water through building wells, training in basic hygiene, diabetes and hypertension checks, pre-natal care, the distribution of vitamins and the distribution of parasite medicine.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
MMC shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, prayer, worship, and encouraging believers in their faith through teaching and applying God’s Word.

Partnering with Your Local Community
Medical Missions for Christ aims to do everything out of partnership with the local healthcare community and local churches in order to have long term impact on hearts and lives.

Get to Know Medical Missions For Christ:

Why Are Our Services Needed?
46% of the world’s population is considered poor, and 1.5 billion people have no access to medical care.

We Strive To Help Touch The Lives Of As Many Needy People As We Can With The Following Services:

  • Medical Care
  • Clean Water and Training is Needed in Basic Hygiene
  • Diabetes Checks
  • Hypertension Checks
  • Pre-Natal Care
  • Distribution of Vitamins – Vitamin Deficiencies And Malnutrition
  • Parasite Medicine
  • Evangelism

To learn more, please read our flyer, Why Are Our Services Needed.

Get involved by donating or volunteering to Medical Missions For Christ at 403 Permian Way, Suite A, Villa Rica, GA 30180 or call us at 770-771-5235.
Building A Well

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Medical Missions For Christ

403 Permian Way, Suite A
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Phone: 770-771-5235


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Medical Missions For Christ 403 Permian Way, Suite A  Villa Rica,  GA  30180

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Building a Well

Building a Well



why our services needed

why our services needed

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